I am over the moon you are here, searching for that "holy cow" she's the one photographer! My spontaneous nature got me into photographing love stories in the first place. Now, 5 years have gone by and I still find myself booking a plane ticket the night before (for non-work events) and packing my suitcase ready to rock-n-roll!

For the couples that dance in the rain, spontaneously book the plane ticket, and play their music a little too loud. 






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I'm Reagan! An intimate Wedding + Elopement photographer

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Eloping is a one-of-a-kind experience that would be nothing without the spectacular scenery and thrilling experiences this world has to offer. Conservation efforts in places like Joshua Tree National Park, Haleakala National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park work tirelessly to preserve Earth’s natural beauty with Leave No Trace. This means people like you and I […]

How To Leave No Trace On Your Wedding Day

A couple in wedding attire are seen in Joshua Tree National park practicing leave no trace principles