Haleakala Summit is one of my favorite spots in Maui. Watching the Sun’s warm rays spread across the pacific ocean and illuminate the island always makes me a little tender-hearted. The only thing that always makes the experience even better is when I’m up there capturing couples saying their vows. I met Ayla and Dominic at the summit of Haleakala for their Sunrise elopement, and it was a surreal experience, to say the least! If you need some Haleakala National Park elopement planning inspiration or just some Sunrise elopement inspiration in general, just wait until you see Ayla and Dominic’s STUNNING ceremony below.

A couple embraces one another while holding a tropical floral arrangement in Maui

A bride gazes into the camera while her husband leans on her shoulder

All About Haleakala Summit

Haleakala Summit is the peak of a volcanic crater located in Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii. Rising 10,023ft above sea level, the summit is Maui’s highest point. While a reservation needs to be made well in advance to grab a spot here, it’s the perfect ceremony location that’s sure to include the most perfect panoramic island Sunrise. You can learn all about securing a reservation and making Haleakala Summit your elopement location in my blog, Haleakala National Park Reservation and Elopement Permit Guide.

A couple holds hands on Haleakala Summit at Sunrise during their elopement

A husband lifts up his wife in celebration of their elopement in Maui, Hawaii.

Adventuring Up To Haleakala Summit Before Sunrise

I met up with Ayla and Dominic before heading up to the summit. We stopped at a food truck outside the park to grab some breakfast before making the hour-and-a-half scenic drive up to the top of the crater. Once we were able to park, we explored the crater and awaited the beautiful Sunrise! 

After spending some time with Ayla and Dominic, I couldn’t help but notice their amazing chemistry. They’re the true definition of an adventurous couple. While waiting for the Sun to rise, I learned that Ayla and Dominic are lucky enough to call Maui their home. They love spending their free time on the beach, camping, and traveling.

A couple is showing right before a kiss during their elopement on Haleakala Summit during Sunrise

A couple's hands are shown, displaying the bride's wedding ring after their Maui elopement

Haleakala Summit Sunrise Elopement Ceremony

At Sunset, Ayla and Dominic exchanged vows and said I Do! The result was some seriously dreamy and romantic photos I’m still dying over. Ayla and Dominic’s energies continued to be infectious throughout the entire elopement. They were always joking and laughing with one another, and I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

One of my favorite parts of what I do is meeting couples hopelessly in love and getting to know their love story through all the laughter, adventure, and small details I’m able to capture through my camera lens. I’d love to share the same experience with you and your partner!

Tips For Eloping At Haleakala Summit

  • Bring snacks or grab breakfast.
  • Pack plenty of water.
  • Layer Up! The top of the crater can be VERY windy and chilly.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to make it to the summit. The 10-mile trip to the top from the Summit District entry station can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on weather, road, and traffic conditions. 

A couple holds their vow books on Haleakala Summit at Sunrise

A couple's hands are intertwined, displaying the new bride's ring

Ready To Plan A Haleakala Summit Sunrise Elopement Of Your Own? 

I hope Ayla and Dominic’s Haleakala Summit Sunrise Elopement inspired you to begin planning one of your own. I’d love to help you get started, learn more about you and your partner, listen to every wish you both may have and help you craft an elopement experience perfect for your love story. You can take the first step in planning your Maui elopement by contacting me here. You can also learn more about eloping in Maui by reading my Maui Elopement Guide


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