Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and a vast, scenic desert, Palm Springs is an incredible backdrop for elopements, intimate weddings, anniversaries, or couple getaways. I met Chandler and Bridgette while they were on their Palm Springs couple getaway and took some breathtaking photos during an anniversary session! If you’ve been thinking of running away to Palm Springs with the love of your life for a romantic weekend or celebratory getaway, Chandler and Bridgette’s special day will make you want to hop on the next plane to this Southern California desert oasis! 

Windmills near a mountainside just outside of Palm Springs at Sunrise

A couple poses on a motorcycle near a windmill field just outside of Palm Springs

A couple playfully sits on a motorcycle for an anniversary photography session

A couple embraces and kisses on a motorcycle during a celebratory anniversary photography session near Palm Springs

A couple embraces in a kiss during a Palm Springs Sunrise

All About Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a popular travel destination in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California. Known for its luxurious and relaxing accommodations, restaurants, large golf courses, natural hot springs, and year-round sunny weather, Palm Springs is the perfect couple getaway. It also neighbors Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree National Park, making it a travel hub for people who love rich outdoor experiences.

A woman is seated on her husband's shoulders during Sunrise near a windmill farm in Southern California

A man's wife rides piggyback on her husband while wandering along a roadside near Palm Springs

A couple embraces on a motorcycle during a romantic Palm Springs couple getaway

A woman kisses her husband while they both sit on a motorcycle in black clothing

Chandler and Bridgette’s Palm Springs Anniversary Session

I had so much fun helping Chandler and Bridgette celebrate in Palm Springs with this edgy motorcycle anniversary session. Chandler and Bridgette married in Greece last year and call Texas their home. 

Our session was at Sunrise, just 25 minutes from Palm Springs. We met near a windmill field just before the Sun began to peak over the desert’s horizon. I couldn’t have been more excited to capture Chandler and Bridgette’s love story with a fun motorcycle adventure session. Even though it was an early morning for all of us, everyone was ecstatic and excited for the fun experience ahead. We listened to music, drank lots of coffee, and died over just how glowy Palm Springs’ Sunrises are. 

Chandler and Bridgette’s energy was electric. Like this fun motorcycle session, their shared love for adventurous experiences translated through my camera lens beautifully. Their photos are alluring, moody, and full of chemistry. I still can’t get over Sunrise. The way the Sun rays reflected off the windmills and illuminated the nearby mountainsides was sheer perfection. I cannot wait to go back with more couples to this location because it was just a pinch-myself, one-of-a-kind location that I’ll never stop dreaming about. 

A windmill field near Palm Springs at Sunset

A couple hugs one another on their motorcycle trip to Palm Springs

A couple twirls on a roadside near a windmill farm near Palm Springs, California

A woman playfully sits on her husband's shoulders as they explore and adventure a field of windmills near Palm Springs

A woman poses on the back of a motorcycle while her husband leans against her

A man kisses his wife's neck while both sitting on a motorcycle parked near a windmill farm

Tips For Planning A Palm Springs Couple Getaway

Tip #1: Fly into Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs International Airport is conveniently located, easy to navigate, and serviced by major airlines like Southwest and Delta!

Tip #2: Visit Palm Spring During Non-Peak Months

As temperatures rise in Palm Springs, crowds lessen. Late February, Early March, September, and October still offer comfortable daytime temperatures without peak season crowds. 

Tip #3: Visit Palm Springs On A Weekday

Plan a weekday elopement, intimate wedding, or couple getaway for a more intimate and elevated Palm Springs experience. 

Tip #4: Plan A Relaxing Day At Desert Hot Springs

Check out all the relaxing natural hot springs in Desert Hot Springs, just north of the city center. Here are a few of the best locations to unwind with your partner!

Tip #5: Plan A Day Trip To Joshua Tree National Park

Make a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park and go for a hike! It’s less than an hour’s drive and is open year-round. 

Tip #6: Embark On A Guided Motorcycle Tour

Palm Springs is surrounded by one of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the U.S. Desert Moto Adventure offers motorcycle rentals and guided motorcycle tours for those with a motorcycle license and riding experience. It’s a fun and unique way to see all the amazing sights Palm Springs has to offer while enjoying the warm, sunshiney weather!

A couple poses playfully in front of windmill field near Palm Springs

A woman hugs her husband from behind will sitting a motorcycle in Palm Springs near a desert windmill farm

A couples hands extended out towards one another during a Palm Springs couple getaway

Ready To Plan A Palm Springs Couple Getaway Of Your Own?!

If you’re ready to celebrate your love with a Palm Springs anniversary session like Chandler and Bridgette or plan an adventure elopement or intimate wedding, I’m here to help bring your desert getaway dreams to life! As your photographer, I’ll help make your special day as stress-free as possible. I assist couples with things like location scouting, permits, timelines, and more! You can check out my photography packages here, and tell me all about your vision for your special day by filling out my contact form!


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