Rain or shine, Cannon Beach is one of those elopement ceremony spots that feel magical as soon as you step foot on location. I met Kevin and Clare on the Oregon Coast for their Cannon Beach elopement and immediately fell in love with the small town’s hospitality and rugged coastal landscape. I’ll never forget walking along the coarse, tan sand and feeling the misty sea breeze on my skin as I captured the special moments of Kevin and Clare’s seaside ceremony. If you’re in need of some Oregon Coast wedding inspiration, keep reading for a stunning glimpse into Kevin and Clare’s magical Cannon Beach elopement!

A sandy path on Cannon Beach.

A couple adventures around Cannon Beach.

A bride and groom embrace near the Pacific Ocean.

All About Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is one of Oregon’s top coastal towns. It’s home to iconic rock formations like Haystack Rock and The Needles. This charming oceanside town also has a thriving art scene, many delicious seafood restaurants, breweries, boutique shops, and wildlife! Beers lovers can unwind and take part in tasting the flavors of local brews along the North Coast Craft Beer Trail. Foodies will equally enjoy the North Coast Food Trail, featuring some of the finest cuisine in all of Oregon. From grazing herds of elk to Tufted Puffins, whales, and seals, there’s wildlife to be found all around Cannon Beach. If you and your partner are up for some thrilling activities, Cannon Beach is also a great place for surfing, hiking, and tide-pooling!

A couple stands in a grassy meadow in Oregon.

A newlywed couple holds one another during their Oregon Coast elopement.

A bride stands in a seagrass meadow at Cannon Beach.

Kevin and Clare’s Magical Cannon Beach Elopement 

The afternoon of Kevin and Clare’s magical Cannon Beach elopement was moody and romantic! We arrived at our ceremony location just in time as the rain and wind slowed. The rain fell gently along the coastline as we wandered through the damp sand. We explored the beauty of the sandy shore and strolled through the wispy, tall seagrass together. Kevin and Clare’s ceremony was somewhat secluded! We explored the beach and spent time away from the more crowded rock formations (where most beachgoers tend to hang around). 

Kevin and Clare’s love was as captivating as Cannon Beach: endearing, sweet, and one-of-a-kind. The couple’s ceremony was short and sweet but captured the couple’s love for one another perfectly. After their ceremony, I took some wedding portraits of the couple along the beach. Then, I helped prepare a cozy and intimate space in some nearby seagrass for a romantic ocean-view dinner. Kevin and Clare finished dinner just in time before the rain and wind picked back up! 

While the rain is something photographers and couples often have to embrace along the Oregon Coast, it makes the atmosphere and photographs so mystifying! Needless to say, I’ll be dreaming of Kevin and Clare’s Cannon Beach elopement for a really long time!

A couple walks along Cannon Beach to their wedding ceremony spot.

A couple walks through sand along Cannon Beach while holding wedding florals.

A reception table with a blue tablecloth is set up on Cannon Beach.

A couple holds hand before having a picnic on Cannon Beach.

A couple leans into one another for a kiss after their wedding ceremony.

Tips For Planning A Cannon Beach Elopement 

Tip #1: Keep An Eye Out For Wildlife

Wildlife is plentiful in Cannon Beach, so always be on the lookout and keep a safe distance from creatures of all kinds! Elk tend to graze in the lush coastal meadows of the beach town, and whales can be seen along the beach’s horizon. Seals also pop their heads out of the surf from time to time and lounge on rocks along the shore. In Spring, Tufted Puffins nest on Haystack Rock, and during low tide, sea stars and crabs can be found in tide pools!

Tip #2: Pack Umbrellas And Rain Jackets

Rain is common year-round in Cannon Beach but is less likely in Summer and Fall. No matter when you’re planning to visit for your elopement, be sure to pack raincoats and two umbrellas. I love clear bubble umbrellas for elopements, they can be so cute and will definitely keep you dry!

Tip #3: Visit During A Non-Peak Season

Cannon Beach is a very popular destination in the U.S., not just for weddings and elopements but for family vacations and road trips as well. If you want to avoid peak crowd levels, plan your elopement for late Fall, Winter, or Spring. Although there will be an increased chance of rain and the weather may be a little more chilly, you won’t be disappointed with a serene beach! Cannon Beach even allows small, cozy bonfires!

A couple walks through a coastal meadow near the town of Cannon Beach.

A couple embraces during an elopement picnic at the beach.

A couple sits at a coastal tablscape in celebration of their wedding in Oregon.

Ready To Plan A Cannon Beach Elopement?!

If you’re ready to celebrate your love with an elopement or intimate wedding at Cannon Beach, like Kevin and Clare, I’m here to help bring your whimsical beach elopement dreams to life! As your photographer, I’ll help make your ceremony as stress-free as possible. I assist couples with location scouting, permits, timelines, and more! You can check out my photography packages here, and tell me all about your vision for your special day by filling out my contact form! If you want to learn more about eloping along the Oregon Coast, check out my guide – Getting Married On The Oregon Coast | Oregon Coast Elopement Tips!


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