I am over the moon you are here, searching for that "holy cow" she's the one photographer! My spontaneous nature got me into photographing love stories in the first place. Now, 5 years have gone by and I still find myself booking a plane ticket the night before (for non-work events) and packing my suitcase ready to rock-n-roll!

For the couples that dance in the rain, spontaneously book the plane ticket, and play their music a little too loud. 






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I'm Reagan! An intimate Wedding + Elopement photographer

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Haleakala Summit is one of my favorite spots in Maui. Watching the Sun’s warm rays spread across the pacific ocean and illuminate the island always makes me a little tender-hearted. The only thing that always makes the experience even better is when I’m up there capturing couples saying their vows. I met Ayla and Dominic […]

Haleakala Summit Sunrise Elopement | Maui, Hawaii

A bride and groom say their vows while standing on Haleakala Summit in Maui